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CMS ED Course in Thane

CMS ED Course in Thane

CMS ED Courses help to bridge the gap between the urban and rural areas:

It is a well-known fact that there are two aspects of India. One that is the urban areas and the other is the rural areas. Urban areas are characterized by literacy, employment, and better living standards while the rural areas are still lacking in such aspects. However, there have been various attempts to improve the condition in the rural areas and bring them at a level where they are at power with the urban regions. This is not just the duty of the government but also of the citizens to strive towards all-round development of the nation. Without the proper implementation of the laws and policies by the people, the government cannot do much to ensure equality between the urban and rural areas. CMS ED Courses in Thane and other places aim at securing a society in which the rural population can also avail of good medical facilities like the urban population.

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Social upliftment through CMS ED Courses:

The rural regions of the country lack the basic necessities of life that are easily available to people in the cities. This may be because of ignorance on the part of the people or neglect on the part of the government. CMS ED Course in Thane provide people with knowledge and training to treat patients at the basic level. The course allows them to gain knowledge through Naturopathy and Yoga Course that in included in the program. The individuals can establish their own primary health care centers after receiving the DNYS (Diploma in Naturopathic and Yogic Sciences). They can also choose to become NDs (Naturopathy doctors) and seeks alternative methods of treating their patients. CMS ED Course in Thane also gives them the license to treat patients with 42 allopathic medicines that the WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes.