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About Us

About the

Community Medical Services & Training Institute (CMSTI) Lucknow

(An Autonomous Institution for Public welfare )
  • Govt of India(MSME) Reg. No UP50D0011334
  • CITD(Trust)Reg.No-0329
  • Community Medical Services & Training Institute
  • (An Autonomous Institution for Public welfare )
  • Registered by Govt of India
  • Ministery of Micro ,Small,& Medium Enterprises (MSME)
  • Managed By CITD(Trust)Regd. By Govt.Of UP Under IR Act 32 A Of 1908

A Training Devision of Council of Community Medical Services India (CCMS India)Constituted under the Indian Registration act 1908 Registered by Govt of Uttar Pradesh & Registered by Govt of India ,Ministery of Micro ,Small,& Medium Enterprises (MSME) Authorized Training Center of IRMA (Indian Rural Medical Association Estd 1979) center code is 562.

The objective of establishing a Community Medical Services and Training Institute is to prepare trained Primary health workers for immediate treatment of common diseases till the rural & urban areas. In the rural & urban areas Fever, vomiting, diarrhea & accident etc due to lack of initial treatment at the time, the patient's life gets in jeopardy.Therefore, our Institution is organizing training programs at all India level in rural and urban areas. The cmsti is working towards preparing well-trained primary health workers at a broad level. For this purpose, CMS & ED Program is operating a period of eighteen months(18th month) ,in which training will be provided for primary Health Care through distance learning and in a week-by-day classes in various diseases.

Our Motto- Better Health and Timely Primary Medical Care For Every Person

Aim of CMSTI

  • Organizing seminars and health awareness program from time to time.
  • Organizing camps to train Primary health workers with trained doctors and medical experts etc.
  • Runing Primary Health care Training course etc.
  • Runing Naturopathy Trainng Course.
  • Runing yoga training courses etc.
Chairman's Message :

R.R. Tomar


Life Member-Indian Red Cross Sociaty (UP)

Dear students and guardians, Community Medical Services and Training Institute, was founded in the year 2009 with a vision and purpose. We believe that knowledge, skill & attitude should go hand in hand. The demand of Health & Medical Services today is not just to amass the knowledge given in books but to build up the individual skill so that their attitude towards a career is changed. We groom our students in a lively proactive environment so that they are equipped to challenge the dynamic global business scenario. To get hands-on experience, Community Medical Services and Training Institute organises Health & Educational Activites & Summer training, Symposium and Guest lecturers for students.