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BSS Courses

BSS Courses (UP/8236)

S.N. Courses Duration
1. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology 2Yr
2. X-Ray Technician 1Yr
3. O.T. Technician 1Yr
3. E.C.G. Technician 1Yr
4. Dental Technician 2Yr
5. Diploma in Rural Medical Care Provider 2Yr
6. Diploma in Patient Care 2Yr
7. Patient Care 1Yr
8. Diploma in First-Ad & Patient Care 2Yr
9. Diploma in Female Patient Care 1Yr
10. Certificate in Anti Malaria Training 3Months
11. Diploma in Female Health Worker 2Yr
12. Advanced Diploma in Patient Care 1Yr
13. Diploma in Physiotherapy & Activity Therapy 2Yr
14. Diploma in Optometry 1Yr
15. Diploma in Dental Assistant 1Yr
16. Advanced Diploma in Physician Assistant 1Yr
17. Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Science 2Yr
18. Advanced Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy 1Yr
19. Diploma in Naturopathy 1Yr
20. Diploma in Yoga 1Yr
21. Diploma in Yoga Teacher Education 1Yr
22. Diploma in Electropathy Medicine 1Yr
23. Advanced Diploma in Yoga Naturopathy Science 1Yr