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CMS ED Course in Jodhpur

CMS ED Course in Jodhpur

The CMS ED program is a diploma graduation class for Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs. It is a program which will continue for one and a half year or you can say 18 months and at the end will grant you the CMS ED course in Jodhpur pass certificate. Upon the completion of the program, you will be able to open your own primary health centre and will be able to practice medicine of allopathy. All the medicines that come under the category of the CMS ED course are approved by the WHO- World Health Organization. The students will be eligible to rightfully prescribe the medicines to the people of the rural areas just as the general doctors. Pursuing CMS ED course in Jodhpur can save the lives of people who many a times fall prey to mishap and death due to lack of proper medical amenities.

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CMS ED Course Benefits

People who have the knack of working for the rural centres and helping people can go for the course past the eligibility criteria. They can pursue this course and attain a degree to treat people with basic medications. A student must have 10th Examination certificates and must have a minimum of two years working experience in the rural medical field or has worked with any medical centre in the primary health sector can apply for the course. You can easily work for the rural areas after passing the CMS ED course in Jodhpur examinations which take place at the month of June and December every year.

The syllabus includes Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Practice of Medicine, Health and Hygiene, Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM), Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Besides, learners can study Naturopathy, ND, DNYS and Yoga Courses according to their preference. The institute has the provisions if any students wish to join the additional courses.