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CMS ED Course in Aligarh

CMS ED Course in Aligarh

In India, the numbers of doctors are less in comparison to the population of the country. Among them, most of them run their own clinic or practice in private hospitals. Due to this in rural sectors, the doctors are not available. In order to fulfil the deficiency of doctors Govt. of India has introduced a health course which is popularly known as CMS ED course in Aligarh the field of Allopathy. The main aim of this course is to provide the basic knowledge of the diseases and medicines so that they can able to treat the patients of rural communities.

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An Overview of the Course

CMS ED Courses: It is also known as Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs(CMS and ED). It is basically a diploma course for general allopathic medicines which are recommended by the World Health Organisation. The duration of the course is 18 months. Under CMS ED courses in Aligarh the importance is given to the comprehensive health care of the population belong to the rural community which includes preventive, and curative aspects.

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A candidate after having this degree will basically act as a team leader of various categories of field workers. During the CMS ED course period, the basic idea is given to the applicants about the sign and symptoms of more serious diseases, so they can refer the patients to the nearest hospitals in case of emergency. CMS ED courses in Aligarh also include the training in preventive aspects of health care like family planning and childcare which should be undertaken by actual participation of the filed work. A substantial part of the training will be conducted in health centres where they can practice and learn the ways to treat diseases so that they can easily provide treatment to rural communities.

After the completion of this course, the applicants can provide basic treatment to the patients in case of emergency. CMS ED course in Aligarh can treat few basic causes and diseases like communicable diseases, snake bites and insecticidal poisoning and also can provide prescriptions to the patients belong to the rural community.