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CMS ED Course in Ajmer

CMS ED Course in Ajmer

CMS ED is the course for Community Medicine Service and Essential Drugs. it is a course recognized by the Govt. of India. The academics revolves around the factor that a student will be eligible to offer allopathic medicine to the rural people. CMS ED course in Ajmer One of the excellent courses for people who wish to work in rural areas and offer them with proper medication. Till today due to lack of proper medicines availability, villagers die and face fatal consequences due to nominal diseases. We may have not seen any such cases in the urban areas but there are many innocent villagers and people residing in rural areas who have to face such situations. Today with the help of CMS ED courses in Ajmer students who want to pursue primary health care is getting acknowledged and approval for helping the people in need.

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Advantages of the CMS ED course in Ajmer :

After a student completes the course, they are eligible to open their own primary health centres. Not only open centres, but they also get the recognition to prescribe medicines to the people just like the doctors. Pursuing thus course and emerging out as a degree holder gives the students a chance to serve mankind and save their lives. CMS ED course in Ajmer institute offers the best of faculty who has taught thousands of students and today proudly offers the course in various parts of India. CMS ED course in Ajmer With the help of the course, the rural primary health sectors will be benefitted to a great extent.

Eligibility of the CMS ED course in Ajmer :

The academic duration is of 18 months and it entails subjects like anatomy, physiology, Pathology, Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM), Practice of Medicine, Health and Hygiene, Medical Jurisprudence. Furthermore, pupils can study Naturopathy, Yoga Courses, DNYS and ND as per their specialization criteria. Students must have 10th certificates along with operating experience in rural health sector.